Busy minding my own business,
until the world paused to give me a chance.
Hear it, feel it, embrace it.
2020, you felt different,
I never thought, it could be this mad.
This is the 2020 vibe.
Invisible threat attacking us all, reshaping priorities and daily lives.

I knew you…

From spiders to dragons,
minutes or eternity,
messy buns and dirty hands;
even the loudest tractor,
cannot win the sound of our laugh.
Jump, run, walk.
Infinite energy that doesn’t run out.
Tiny hands, big hearts,
you learn, I repeat,
everything is new to me,
the simplicity of not knowing at all.
playground made of sand
useful to join hands,
where the joy is multiplied,
and curiosity brings some nag.
It ain’t matter!
playing is the norm

and I don’t wanna to grow up!

frozen memory in my forehead
iced rose guarded in memory lane
with broken wings
with fuel without flame
compressed love
that kills and spoils
dopamine that keeps me yours
A unimagined bind, a never-ending feel
don’t walk away
I implore
even when you are meant to be divine
but right now is only a painful desire
Am I meant to be in your arms?
just say yes and we can figure it out.
Ohh heaven please conspire
between these two lonely stars.

Some recollections, some memoirs
blood, adventures and tears that were in the past,
stories reflecting my deepest parts.
& believe me, this is not for you, is for what I will leave behind.
Sharing without explaining
raw feelings in the making
Not processed, not a scam.
Art make your magic and give whatever you want.
Without filters,
I will let my mind have some time to free dance
Will this change anything?
Only if you dare to be the superhero that fights back.
As for me, I am only here to write.

When all the lights are turned off, at the late night when the silent sound amplifies the loud voice of my thoughts, I tend to dream. Well, is not actually dreming but imagining how beautiful my life could be; if only one variable would be different. It could be something…

I was there, presently, vividly. In front of me was el Palacio de Bellas Artes. Majestic, grandiose, exceptional, definitely something you have to add to your bucket list. As I was astonishing looking at it, some doves fly to my direction, while a sun ray exposed in a shiny way…

MJ Quintanilla

ru the superhero that fights? I can be the narrator of our story

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