{Journaling the pain; Consolidating 2020 Part1}

Fires, Kobe, Covid, lockdown, riots, more fires, elections….

On the surface of the earth, the chaotic winds of 2020 where exactly that, just the surface. On every personal level, it represented challenges in a whole new level, decisions taken, priorities, new routines, new forms of expression and tons of self love to overcome every little and overwhelming internal/ external battle. One thing was for sure. I was not alone.

So I know, I was convinced I was going to write consistently every week, but life happened and I was completely focus in my life, you know, on top of everything going on. So I am going to explain what really happened to consolidate my thoughts and year experiences in one place. So here it goes…

I was furlough since March in my job. My rent was going to renew for a whole new year, and just as in my love life, I wasn’t sure about taking so much responsibility. Especially, because I had lived in Northern Virginia for three years and there was no spark. On the contrary, I could feel a lot of anger towards my neighbors, colleagues, family. I was mad the whole time, uninspired and now, without a job, so there was nothing holding me back.

With the free time that I had, made a practical list of advantages and disadvantages from every state that I could think of in the beautiful United States and like that, a choice was made: Houston, Texas.

I know, I know. Boring. I just followed the Cali masses. Uncreative. But actually, I did realized I did have lost family members here, some old friends (parents friends, whom I grew up with, being me such an old soul) and even my Godfather.

What was even better. Housing was extremely cheap in comparison to where I was living. So the plan had multiple steps, being number one to travel to the chosen state, since I had never even visited it in the first place. Middle of the pandemic, me and my sister traveled with all the facemasks that we could find and stayed with my Godfather. Weird experience. Kinda praying we didn’t infected him with Covid, but still broke to rent a hotel for our own. Happy to announce that nothing extraordinary happened, except by the fact that we really fell in love with Texas.

I still don’t know, if it was the fact that it was our first trip in a long time, the fact that we haven’t seen the sun shine directly to our souls for months or the fact that the food was just incredible. Either way, it counted as gains for us, so we went for it.

The second step of the plan was getting rid of everything. Hilarious story that needs a blog for its own.